As a growing business owner, you can always use an extra set of hands for projects and extra set of eyes for proofreading. Thrilled that your business is growing, but scared that you can no longer handle it all yourself? This is the time to consider working with a Virtual Office Assistant! However, you’re still stuck under a rock and haven’t bought yourself into the new age of Virtual office help. Fortunately, I’ve been a self-employed VA for 15 years, so I’m here to briefly tell you about just a few of the many benefits of working with me.

As a Virtual Assistant, I am an offsite independent contractor that specializes in administrative services, website design/maintenance, managing company email, appointment schedule and confirmation, travel arrangements, business correspondence and meeting/event planning. If I do say so myself, I am quite valuable to the entrepreneurs, small business owners and organizations that I currently work with.

Here’s a quick reference explaining the benefits of a VA over a traditional employee:

Traditional Employee  vs.   Offsite Virtual Assistant
TE: You need to create a workplace for them.   VA:  I work directly from my own office.
TE: You need to always make sure that they are kept busy.  VA: I only get paid for the time that I’m actually working on your project.
TE: Your admin budget is stalling your growth margin. VA: You can hire and halt me at any time.
TE: Your full-time admin costs you both benefits and vacation time.  VA: I’m on my own in both areas.

Hiring the right VA can be a great addition to your business, whether it be for a long-term or short-term relationship.  The time that you save will be money well spent!

Is your business booming so much so that you’re overwhelmed with “stuff”?

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