1.    You’ve missed out on opportunities because you forgot to follow up.
2.    You’ve sent out letters, articles and other important correspondence with spelling
or grammatical errors.
3.    You haven’t sent out your regularly scheduled newsletter in several months.
4.    You often work evenings and/or weekends to finish up administrative tasks.
5.    You have projects requiring skills and/or software that you don’t have.
6.    You have brilliant ideas for your business, but no time to carry them out.
7.    You haven’t updated your website in over a year.
8.    You’ve been procrastinating about tasks on your to-do list day after day.
9.    You’ve turned down new opportunities because you couldn’t figure out when you
would do the work.
10.    You’d love to take your business to the next level – if you only had the time.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had a business assistant that was always ready to work for you, but only when you need them? Providing offsite administrative services, I use my own equipment, no one pays me for days off, vacation days or health benefits and I work with clients on an as-needed basis. As a self-employed VA, I invoice my clients only for the actual hours worked. Some clients require my daily services, others require weekly projects, and some call once every few months. To me and my business, it makes no difference because I am providing a service of convenience, whenever you need it.

Got Business Cards?: Many of us have accumulated a variety of business cards over the years of being in    business, but not many of us have done anything with them aside from filing them in a rolodex, shoebox, binder, etc. I can take all of your loose business cards, scan them, upload the file into an Excel database and   ultimately you can upload the final file into your address books, databases, etc. No more searching for that specific business card – simply access your electronic file to pull up that certain person that you are looking for.

Database Management: Now that you have an up-to-date electronic database from your collection of business cards, it’s time to keep on top of the database so that it always remains current. Anytime that you need changes, additions, deletions, etc, it’s a quick fix.

Travel Arrangements and Event Planning: No, I am not a certified travel agent or an event planner, but yes I can make travel arrangements and plan the best-of-the-best events. Knowing the right contacts and having the perfect personality is the key to securing the best travel reservations and planning quality events.

Internet Research: Such a simple task can sometimes take hours to find exactly what you are looking for on the Internet. Why waste your time doing it when someone else can do it in a fraction of the time?

Newsletters: It’s become a critical part of every business to stay in front of our clients with an occasional newsletter. Monthly is great, weekly is good and anything less is not-so-good. You provide me with the content, or the basic idea of what you’d like to include and I’ll compile a newsletter for you and distribute it to your database.

Social Media: In today’s business world, it’s imperative to stay in front of your audience. I can maintain and manage your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages on a regular basis.

Data Entry, Proofreading and Editing: Need a letter typed, edited or proofed? Simply send it over to me and I’ll be the 2nd set of eyes that you need.

Working with a VA can be the answer to so many of your professional problems. Still not sure if this is for you? Just reach out to me and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have.

10 Signs That It’s Time To Begin Working With a VA

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