Are you an entrepreneur or telecommuter who is working from your own home office? If so, we can give you full access to all of the support benefits enjoyed by a business person in the corner office of a major corporation — without having to hire any employees! And no one will ever know that your assistant is “Virtual”.

As a Virtual Assistance company, we provide administrative support services in a virtual (physically off site) environment. We are not an employee of your company, rather an independent contractor. Priding ourselves on 12 successful years in the VA business, we create professional partnerships with our clients by providing masterfully skilled business, office and personal support in an off site capacity.

Offering a multitude of hard skills and experience in office management, computer systems and software, given the opportunity, we will become an integral part of your business. By taking on those projects and tasks that divert your attention from the important focus of promoting your business, you will be able to focus more clearly on the other aspects of your profession.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an independent contractor, providing administrative, creative and technical support to business owners who simply do not have the time.

They are called virtual assistants because they do their work from another location. You can make contact with your virtual assistant through email, phone, fax or mail.

In this economy, business owners are trying to keep down their overhead costs. One of the biggest benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant is cost savings. Here are a few different ways a VA can save you money:

Benefits of Working with a Virtual Assistant:

  • No Payroll Taxes
  • No Insurance Expenses
  • No Medical Benefit Expenses
  • No Paid Vacation or Sick Days
  • No Overhead Costs
  • No Training Involved
  • No Office Equipment Expenses
  • Time to Focus on Your Business

Working on an as-needed basis, the Virtual Assistance of B.A.C.I. Enterprises, Inc. will allow you to free up your time so that you can focus on improving your business.

Outsource your administrative tasks today and get back to what matters most . . . focusing on expanding your business and building relationships.

Sample Services at B.A.C.I.:

General VA Services:
•Receptionist duties: answering calls, leaving voicemails and checking messages.
•Database building, entry and updates (sales, contacts, CRM, etc.).
•Performing banking needs, like paying bills and transferring funds.
•Writing and sending invoices to clients.
•Checking email, responding to customer inquiries and managing spam.
•Creating and sending out greeting cards, invitations, newsletters and thank you notes.
•Establishing, updating and managing a calendar of important events.
•Scheduling appointments with clients, businesses and salespeople.
•Launching and maintaining cloud computing accounts (DropBox, OneDrive, Google).
•Preparing training manuals for new staff members or remote workers.
•Composing documents from handwritten drafts, faxes and dictations.
•Proofreading documents and other office materials.
•Travel research and arrangements
•Internet research

Content Writing & Management:
•Guest posting and guest blogging.
•Article and blog creation
•Composing press releases and newsletters and submitting to local news outlets.
•Producing content marketing material.
•Designing brochures and creating content.
•Writing and submitting op-ed pieces to newspapers and websites.
•Responding to comments made on the business’s blog.
•Presentation development
•Mailing list / database management
•Website creation and maintenance

Miscellaneous Tasks:
•Recruiting for potential team members and contractors or freelancers.
•Performing generic errands for the office, including buying items online, arranging locations for office parties and hiring a cleaning service.
•Placing ads career websites, reviewing resumes and contacting the right candidates.
•Interviewing job applicants and speaking with references.
•Training on-site employees, virtual staff members or freelancers.
•Searching for hotels, booking airfares and mapping out trip itineraries for business.
•Managing projects: staying in touch with subcontractors, emailing reports, using online calendars and calling team leaders informing them of deadlines.
•Sending gift cards/thank you notes to clients on holidays and anniversaries.
•Speaking with customer service representatives for tech support, banking issues, etc.
•Putting together welcome and goodbye packages for both clients and staff.
•Personal online shopping